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The Governing Board unanimously voted to request your support not just for our students, but to protect your investment in our future.  We must renovate and repair. We must buy new school busses and upgrade fire and security systems.  We must update our technology, textbooks, and instructional materials to ensure our children have access to the highest quality education we can provide. Nancy Case, PVUSD Governing Board Member

As our schools go, so goes the future of our city.  That’s why, as Mayor, I support the Paradise Valley Unified School District.  Strong schools build strong neighborhoods and communities.  Educational excellence is also the cornerstone of a vibrant economy.  Please support a bright future for Phoenix by voting yes on the Paradise Valley Unified School District bond.  Kate Gallego, Phoenix Mayor

The state has been allocating few funds for regular maintenance programs, but you can by approving PVUSD’s bond issue to provide the upkeep our schools demand to be safe and successful.   Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee, Legislative District 28

Without the bond, PVUSD will have use their daily operating budget to take care of critical building maintenance.  That means less money in the classroom where it is also desperately needed. Please remember that you have an ownership interest in these facilities.  Let’s take care of them and our children.  Vote YES on the bond proposal.  It’s a good investment for the students—and taxpayers.  Sen. Heather Carter,  Legislative District 15

The bond funds will be used for repairs and renovations, technology upgrades critical to 21st Century learning and teaching, and vehicles for student transportation. Every school in PVUSD will be improved and made more secure with the passage of this bond. These are funds the state no longer provides, but the community can. Furthermore, this measure is structured so the tax rate remains approximately the same.  Rep. Kelli Butler, Legislative District 28

As a retired educator, I live on a fixed income but view the taxes I pay to support students as absolutely essential. I appreciate that the district has structured this measure so that the tax rate levied will remain the same based on current home values. This will benefit our students and schools greatly without affecting my pocketbook – a definite win for all.  Juana Frederick, Retiree

This DAA Override measure provides funds to school districts the state has not for several years. These are dedicated funds that cannot be used for salaries and programs that will enable PVUSD to purchase new instructional materials and more to ensure students have the tools and technology they need to succeed.Lisa Hoberg

The legislature has not fully funded the capital formula for over 10 years, and thus, it’s up to us to decide what type of education we want for our students. Both of my children received a first-rate education in Paradise Valley Schools, which led to their success as adults.  I’m a senior citizen; I have no grandchildren nor relatives enrolled in PVUSD.  But that does not absolve me of my responsibility to educate our children. It is my responsibility as a home owner to maintain an educated citizenry.  Sue Skidmore, PVUSD Governing Board Member

As a former city planner, I know what it takes to manage scores of buildings and millions of square feet of facilities, and from everything I have seen, PVUSD does an outstanding job in maintaining schools despite the lack of financial support for such from the state. Now it is our turn to help PVUSD continue providing safe, secure environments for our students and teachers.  Debra Stark, District 3 Phoenix City Councilwoman

I have worked with schools throughout the state, and I know that PV Schools provides an innovative, rigorous, quality education to all their students. Furthermore, their schools are filled with caring professionals focused on creating a stimulating educational environment. But that can be difficult to do with materials and technology that become rapidly outdated.  Nedda Shafir, Phoenix Youth and Education Commission

As state representatives, we support Paradise Valley Unified School District’s ballot measure for a District Additional Assistance (DAA) override. During the recession, the state of Arizona cut more on a percentage basis from public education budgets than any other state in the union.  This resulted in a $2.9 billion loss for our public school students. During this past legislative session, we dedicated ourselves to increasing funding for education, but capital needs – which this override will support – remain woefully unfunded. (Reps. Kelli Butler & Aaron Lieberman)

Every student and teacher should be able to expect solid buildings, cool air conditioning when the temperatures rise, and appropriate maintenance and upkeep of our schools. As the parent of three PV students, I know the difference this makes in their ability to learn and achieve.  Tammy Caputi - Owner Yale Electric West

PV has a richly deserved reputation for being fiscally responsible and transparent with its funds and for using them wisely. This bond measure is structured to help every school in the district without raising the tax rate. Please join me in supporting our schools and students and vote YES on the bond.  Blake Williams, Shiloh Pastor

These funds will allow the district to renovate and repair buildings, replace buses, and improve technology. As a former educator, I fervently believe it is our responsibility as citizens to support schools that educate our future citizens. As a retiree, I appreciate that this measure is structured to keep the tax levy approximately where it is now.  Don Hiemstra, Former Principal and Retiree

As a former Governing Board member, I have visited all our schools and seen our students benefit when buildings are maintained well and projects funded. Our PVUSD community has been supportive in approving bonds in the past because voters understand the need to provide safe buildings for our students. But we are a large district with more than 5 million square feet of buildings to maintain. To continue protecting these community assets and keep our operating budget in the classroom where it belongs, the district is requesting these bond monies.  Please join me in voting YES on this essential bond.  Mark Lane, Little League District Administrator

Although I do not have children, I am a fierce supporter of public schools and, in particular, PVUSD.  Good schools are essential for good communities.  As a former Phoenix City Councilman for District 2, I know how critical a good education system is to attracting businesses to our great city.  PVUSD does an excellent job of readying our students for college and careers and I support their efforts to do so.  Bryan Jeffries, Taxpayer, PVUSD

As a parent and PVUSD Governing Board Member, I have seen, firsthand, the need for the passage of this Bond. PVUSD has always been a fiscally responsible district, and you can rest assured that the money raised through this Bond initiative will go towards essential needs in our district. Support our kids, support our schools, support our community. Join me in voting YES on this Bond initiative.  Susan Matura, PVUSD Governing Board Member