In order to keep our property values high and our communities strong, school districts need voters to continue the funding currently in place.  Voters in the Paradise Valley Unified School District have the chance to do that in November by supporting the district’s M&O override and helping increase teacher and staff compensation while keeping quality programs in safe schools.
Rep. Kelli Butler, Legislative District 28 
. . . . . . . .
As retired educators, we live on fixed incomes but view the taxes we pay to support students as absolutely essential.  We urge you to vote yes on this ballot initiative.   Arizona’s future is in the hands of our youth and, whether you have children or not, they are our doctors, engineers, first responders, and armed forces members of tomorrow.
Don Hiemstra and Juana Fredrick
. . . . . . . .
As the CEO of HonorHealth, I know how integral great schools are to the long-term health of our society and economy. We need educated, curious, committed citizens of the world. The children in our schools today are our future doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs and teachers themselves.
The quality of education, like health care, largely rests on the shoulders of those who provide it. More than 80% of the PVUSD budget goes to compensation and benefits for teachers and staff; the budget cuts in Arizona have stagnated salaries. The new monies from this override will be dedicated to compensation to help keep quality teachers in our PV schools.
Please join me in voting yes for the PVUSD override. It’s a healthy investment in our community.
Todd LaPorte
CEO, HonorHealth 
. . . . . . . .
As a private non-profit, The PV Schools Education Foundation recognizes the need to invest in the quality public education provided in PVUSD – through our philanthropic and community-wide efforts, we provide critical assistance for programs and educational opportunities that benefit students and educators throughout the district. Your yes vote will ensure the strong tradition of excellence in PVUSD continues. It’s good for our kids and good for our community.
Stacey Huscher
Executive Director, PV Schools Education Foundation 
. . . . . . . .
The PVUSD Governing Board has called for this override to increase teacher salaries and continue the quality programs for which PVUSD is known. We applaud this effort to support the educators who inspire our children. Join us in supporting the PVUSD M&O override.
Representative Heather Carter, Legislative District 15  
Senator Kate Brophy McGee, Legislative District 28 
. . . . . . . .
As parents, we applaud these efforts but know that more is needed. Despite reports, funding has not increased adequately from the state and we are nowhere near pre-recession levels. This has suppressed salaries for PVUSD staff. With the maintenance and operations override, you can improve salaries for our dedicated teachers because the PVUSD board has vowed that any new funds from this override will go into increased employee compensation.
Melissa K. Schwartz
President, United Parent Council
. . . . . . . .
There is indisputable evidence that good schools are key to economic development.  It is to our benefit to support the schools in our communities.  This override is asking for a little more per household to not only continue programs but add funding that will be dedicated to increasing teacher and staff compensation. This helps PVUSD keep high-quality, committed teachers in the classroom, inspiring our next generation of leaders. Please join me in voting yes for the M&O override.
Debra Stark
District 3 Phoenix City Councilwoman
Former PVUSD Parent 
​ . . . . . . . .
I currently attend the University of Arizona as a 2017 Flinn Scholar, one of only 20 in Arizona. This coveted scholarship covers all my tuition and expenses and will provide opportunities to study abroad and pursue internships.  It is also a testament to the education I received in the Paradise Valley Unified School District.
And now PVUSD needs your support. The legislature has not restored its deep funding cuts and PVUSD needs the M&O override to help continue programs like CREST, foreign languages, and PE. What’s more, PVUSD plans to dedicate the small increase requested to improve salaries for its highly-qualified teachers and staff district-wide. My teachers are such a large part of why I am where I am today.  Please vote YES so that this can continue in PVUSD.
Paxton Tomooka

. . . . . . . .
PVUSD puts as much as it can into salaries for teachers and staff, and with your support, it will put more. The district governing board has declared that all new funding from this M&O Override will be used to increase compensation for teachers and staff while continuing funds will be used to ensure academic programming remains in place, instruction in electives is retained, and to promote safe and healthy schools. Educational excellence is the cornerstone of a vibrant economy and society. Please support a bright future for Phoenix by voting YES on the PVUSD override.
Mayor Greg Stanton
City of Phoenix

. . . . . . . .

As the former Phoenix City Councilman for District 2, I know how critical a good education system is to attracting businesses to our great city.  PVUSD does an excellent job of readying our students for college and careers and I support their efforts to do so.
The PVUSD board has pledged that new monies from this override will go towards teacher and staff compensation, a critical element in retaining the best in PVUSD. Our students deserve schools that provide optimal learning environments, including teachers. Join me in voting YES! for the PVUSD override.
Bryan Jeffries
President, Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
Former Councilman, District 2, City of Phoenix

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PV SUPPORTERS - prior initiatives

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The ability of the Paradise Valley Unified School District to provide specialty programs that allow students to cultivate individual interests and skills, while receiving a rigorous education overall, is nothing short of exemplary. One shining example is the Center for Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology, better known as CREST, a specialty STEM school in the heart of the district. As a Ph.D. and mechanical engineer with six awarded patents, CREST is exactly the type of school I wish I could have attended growing up. Please join me in continuing educational excellence in PV Schools by voting yes on the M&O Override. 
Kevin W. Hollander, Ph.D.
Senior Engineering Consultant
Augspurger Komm Engineering

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