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Oct. 12 - Early-Ballots mailed to voters

Oct. 12 - Nov. 2 - Vote YES & mail ballot

Nov. 2 - Last day to MAIL your ballot

Nov. 3 - Nov. 7 - bring to a ballot center

Tuesday, November 8 – Election day

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Dates coming soon!

Area Canvasses - Join us to walk neighborhoods to spread the word! (pick a to-be scheduled one, or ask for a walking list to do on your own.)

Dates coming soon!

Our Leadership

Lisa HobergChair
William Cook


Get Involved

We are a group of community members volunteering to educate voters about the importance of continuing the excellence of education in PVSchools.  We need YOUR help to do this!  Please check below for your availability to donate your time or even just a piece of your lawn for a yard sign!

​Coming Up

Call Banks, Area Canvasses and More...

Text/Call Banks - Join us to call voters to encourage a YES vote. Fun, group event (or host your own party!).

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