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Bond & District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override ​Election

November 5, 2019

  • School security and student safety
  • Building renovations and repairs (including roofing, flooring, and air conditioning restorations)
  • Inviting curb and campus appeal
  • New school construction
  • Technology upgrades for hardware and software
  • Curriculum software licensing & updated instructional materials
  • Athletics and Fine Arts improvements
  • Safe & efficient buses and support vehicles
  • Replace outdated district facilities and support vehicles

Your  "YES" VOTE  on both the Bond & DAA Override will fund:

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How Your Taxes Will be Affected:

The importance of participating in elections cannot be understated, and Yes! for PV Students recognizes the need to strengthen voter registration efforts as well as education about ballot issues and needs. It is the duty, and truly the privilege that not all in our world have, of each Arizona citizen to be active and informed, and proudly exercise the right to vote. Your votes have made the difference in the past – our 2011 override measure passed by only 44 votes – and remain vital in supporting PV Schools students, teachers, staff, and community. Your vote is your voice; make it heard through your support of PVUSD.

Yes! for PV Students is a political action committee that has existed since 2004 to advocate for the passage of Paradise Valley Unified School District ballot issues. We are a group of parents, teachers, business leaders, community members, and alumni who have experienced first-hand the critical role PV Schools have played in our lives. Because of this, we are committed to continuing the excellent educational experiences for current and future students of the district.

A  "NO" VOTE  on EITHER the Bond or the DAA Override will result in cuts to PVUSD's operating budget which could result in:

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Your Tax rate WILL NOT go up based on current home values.

About Us:

  • Decreased property values throughout the district
  • Increased class sized
  • Elimination or reduction of special programs
  • Decreased staff/teacher salaries & layoffs